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We deliver over 3,000 consumer generated leads each day in the Auto Insurance, Life, Health, and Mortgage Refi verticles. Breaking records at every level, our team is comprised of some of the sharpest minds in the industry. All of this behind teir 1 brands.

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Why choose is a team of high-level marketers, visionaries and executioners. We set our KPIs, goals and plans and keep our monstrous eyes set on them until we see them through.This is why we’ve been able to build the brands that you see below. Whether you’re just looking for data, fresh call-center transfers/leads or even someone to help build your brand to monstrous levels, we’ll be here to help you along the way.

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Meet our team

Michael Smith

Founder & Chief Visionary Strategist

Currently fishing and skiing in Oregon, Michael Smith is a co-Founder of Monster Clicks LLC. He has previously held the role of CEO and still sets as Chairman of the Board and Chief Visionary Strategist. During his 15 year career, Michael has delivered over $100 million in combined online sales through SAAS solutions, E-commerce, and Data driven products. With a passion for building brands Michael brings an energy and mind for innovation. When asked what his greatest accomplishment has been during his career he replied; "Being married to my beautiful wife Amanda and having the opportunity to raise my 3 wonderful children...this stands alone as the greatest accomplishment of my life."

Aditya Kandarpa

Chief Operating Officer(COO)

Likely drinking a cup of black coffee, Aditya leads the company’s data management assimilation and dissemination processes. He accomplishes this with duck tape, rope, and a staff ripe with “Indian Muscle”. Aditya has been with the company from the beginning and now looks forward to teaching and educating youth in his local community when Monster Clicks LLC is sold for … “$1 billion” (insert pinky in moth). When asked “What has been the best part about the journey of working online?” he replied; “The amount of knowledge I have acquired, through this process is worth more than any monetary gain and I look forward to passing that knowledge along”.

Imran Rahman

CEO of Clever Fox Media

Imran’s work career started as an intern at a local Computer Store. This internship started a chain of events enabling Imran to pursue a career in Computer Science, Information Technology and Cisco Networking where he received his A+, Network+, Cisco Certified Network Administrator, and Cisco Certified Network Professional certifications. Having made the decision to continue a career in Marketing in 2006, Imran then joined a top national speaker sales and training company, where he crafted high conversion sales presentations for both webinars and live stages. Clients regularly enjoyed massive and immediate returns as these sales presentations generated multiple 6 and 7 figures revenues across multiple industries including the franchise sector. He was also instrumental in helping coordinate quarterly 3-Day events hosting hundreds of authors, speakers, and online marketers, sharing with them the latest online marketing strategies to grow their businesses. While there, Imran spearheaded the creation of a new product and a coaching program, creating substantial revenue sources for the company assisting them in generating multiple millions in sales. Next Imran connected with a leading online marketing education company, where he helped create, implement, and manage online business systems that provided training and courses on Social Media to over a 122,000 students ranging from small business employees to Fortune 500 corporate Social Media Managers. Imran is the author of Be More, Do More, Have More: 365 Empowerment Tips for a Powerful & Purposeful Life. He is also a Certified ScrumMaster, a highly-regarded framework for Agile methodology in Software Development Project Management. After almost 20 years, Imran is now living the American Dream in Las Vegas, Nevada. Imran runs a full service boutique online marketing agency operation focused on the ideation, implementation, and management of online lead generation and automated marketing systems.

Shea Korte

Executive President (

With more than 8 years of online experience and based in Queensland Australia, Shea has been involved in most things you can think of in the online marketing and advertising industry.  From MLM and network marketing companies, to building and selling websites for profit, CPA and affiliate marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce, product launches, social media and more. Now focusing on project management, he enjoys being able to share his experience while working with a highly motivation team of staff, developers and marketers to run projects that truly bring value to the industry.


Executive President (

James Carner is an Entrepreneur and the Operations Manager for Verify Rocket LLC. James cut his teeth in the 90’s selling SQL CRM databases for Epicor Software and telephony switches for Lucent Technologies, and for fun, was a producer and publicist for AM 620 The Buzz - Talk Radio. In 2003, James founded Quickie Marketing, Inc. which spawned The Viral Spiral, an internet marketing newsletter with 120,000 subscribers, furthermore birthed eHygienics, an email list cleaning company that recently merged with Monster Clicks LLC. James is interested in private investigation and fluent in American Sign Language. He is the worship leader for Bend Faith Center and a Home Mentor for Habitat for Humanity.

Md. Affan Kajimi

Vice President of Development

Overdosing on Coca-Cola and watching Cricket, Affan Kaimi is a skilled warrior on Telecom VAS technology and all manner of SAAS development. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh Affan Kaimi has 600+ web applications under his belt, thus bringing a development swagger to Monster Clicks LLC. As the Vice President of Development, Affan leads (with his infectious winning attitude) a team of engineers that builds the brands that create solid revenue opportunities for Monster Clicks LLC. When we asked Affan what is his favorite part about working for Monster Clicks LLC he answered with a smile “Juggling the 853 task a day that Michael and Tyriek send my way.”

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