12 Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Copy

Getting a click-through from an online user is a big deal, it’s what every brand wants. Once a user clicks through to one of your landing pages though, what are they seeing?

You’d be surprised at how many businesses overcomplicate their landing pages and don’t use a clear call to action, leaving the user wondering what to do next.

What is a landing page exactly?

While a landing page could generally be viewed as any page on your website, in this case I am referring to a page that was designed to get a user to take a specific action such as filling in a form. To make it easier to discern the difference in future, it’s best to call pages on your website ‘web pages’ and all pages that are used for the conversion of customers ‘landing pages’.

Before you begin

Before you draft your landing page copy, it might be helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are my landing page objectives?
  2. Who is my ideal customer?
  3. What exactly am I offering potential customers?
  4. What are the core benefits of my offering?
  5. How will potential customers be able to purchase or sign up for my offering?

Landing page content that works

Below are a few tips that you can implement as you develop your landing page copy:

  • Kill the clutter. When you initially design your landing page, it’s essential that you stay away from clutter. This includes having too much text, too many images and not enough white space.
  • Keep it above the fold. All of your most important information should be kept above the fold. You only have so much time to grab a user’s attention so if they have to scroll to find out why they should convert, chances are you’ll lose out on a potential customer.
  • Just ask. Your call to action is probably the most important element on your page so make sure that it is clear and that is stands out.
  • Make use of bullet points. When most users browse online they scan pages, which is why having important information in a bullet point format could mean the difference between convincing someone to stay and them leaving.
  • Use images strategically. Images can really change up a landing page for the better but it’s important to keep your images simple, powerful and to a minimum. Some studies show that using photos of people smiling, especially of women, will increase your conversion rates.
  • What’s in it for me? The only reason that someone would consider your offer is if there’s something in it for them. Your copy should convey this as soon as possible. Make it all about the customer to increase your conversion chances.
  • You want what? If you’re asking landing page visitors to fill in a form, keep it simple. If you’re asking for too much information, a user will feel strapped for time and might potentially end up leaving.
  • Offer up your information. Place your company’s contact information on your landing page too. That way you’re giving visitors the option to contact you or visit your website to find out more before they fill in a contact form. Include links to your social media pages if possible too.

One effective landing page and a sound promotional and SEO strategy is all it takes to ramp up your marketing efforts and reel in more customers.