4 Facebook Targeting Strategies You Should Be Using

During Facebook’s Q1 earnings announcement it stated that globally, people spend more than 50 minutes every day on Facebook.

When you choose to advertise on Facebook you get to decide exactly who you market to. Not only can you reach females in the Boston area between the ages of 25 and 30 but you can also ensure that they have an interest in classical music and like seafood.

The possibilities are endless, all you need is an amazing ad campaign, a bit of a budget and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking to really take your Facebook advertising up a notch, these are the targeting options you definitely shouldn’t be missing out on.


When tracked by several different sources, a user’s online behavior helps build a profile about their current life stage and interests. Targeting by behavior is a very powerful option that you should definitely be tapping into.

While the interests option lets you target according to people’s general interests such as fly fishing or cooking. The behaviors option lets you target people based on their intent to do something such as the intent to book a holiday to Spain or buy a new SUV.

Life Events

If your brand is interested in targeting users who are about to enter a certain stage of their lives like becoming a new parent or heading into retirement, you have the ability to do this by using the life events targeting option.

You can even go as far as targeting users who experienced a life event at specific intervals of time. For example, a jeweler could choose to target people who got engaged six months ago because chances are they will be in the process of planning their wedding and looking for wedding bands.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Custom audience targeting is one of the easiest ways to keep your brand top of mind among your existing customers.

When you choose the custom audience targeting option on Facebook you’ll be uploading your customer database in the form of a spreadsheet and Facebook will match those users to their profiles. You can also create a custom audience based on your website visitors.

Another great feature of custom audiences is that you can now also apply specific targeting to those users. For example, you could target customers of a certain age who live within a 10 mile radius of your store or you could target users who have recently watched an explainer video on your website and offer them a free product demo.

Lookalike Audiences

Whether you’re already using custom audiences or you don’t have a database that you can use for this, there is also the option of using lookalike audience targeting.

Lookalike targeting looks at your Facebook fans and targets users with similar profiles so that you get to reach people who might not yet be customers but based on their interests and demographics, they’ll more than likely be interested in what you have to offer.

If your Facebook fan base isn’t quite big enough for this yet you can use a tracking pixel to create a website custom audience to mirror.

If it isn’t already, Facebook should definitely be a part of your digital marketing strategy if you know that your ideal target audience uses this social media platform on a regular basis. There are very few digital advertising platforms that have such amazing targeting capabilities so why not take full advantage of it?