How to Get Customer Testimonials to Work for You

Customer testimonials are more powerful than you realize. If you have the material to create a testimonial page, it should definitely feature on your website.

When a prospect visits a website and is considering a new product or service, it truly helps for them to see other customers’ experiences with your company. This is called social proof.

Social proof is when people follow the behaviors and actions of other people as they assume it’s the correct behaviour and they too want to make the “right” choices. An effective customer testimonials page will also position your brand as more trustworthy since customers are showing that they’re willing to back you. It really helps to go the extra mile when designing this page in order for it to make a good impact.

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends. – Walt Disney

How to rock your customer testimonial page

You can quote me

Once you decide on the customer testimonials you would like to use on your website, remember to always use a customer’s exact quote. Exact quotes are far more personal and give visitors a better idea of exactly how customers experienced your brand, services or products. The quote’s spelling and grammar should of course be checked but try and stick to the original version as much as possible.

Tell a story

People love stories so why not get a few of your satisfied customers to tell the story of what led them to your brand, and what their experience was with your company. When a person tells a story, it allows readers to relate to someone on a person level, which in turn should lead to them trusting your brand even more.

Put a face to the name

If you really want your customer testimonials to stand out, use your customer’s photo alongside their testimonial. This really brings the testimonial to life and makes it even more personal and trustworthy. It also gives prospects an idea of the types of customers behind your brand and will help them relate better.

Use video

Since video is such a popular medium, why not bring it onto your customer testimonial page? Get a few of your biggest fans together to record a few words on why they love your brand. Creating a video means you get to be super creative and bring in some fun graphics and music too.

Bring in the big names

If you have a few big brand names or public figures that use your products or services, using their testimonials will really give your brand a strong footing in your sector. When individual customers or smaller companies see that the brands or people they trust are willing to back your company, they won’t hesitate to do the same.

Bonus Tip: Remember to keep track of testimonials on social media and Google as you never know what gems you’ll find. Keeping an eye out for feedback across the web will also help you improve the way you do business should you come across a less than favorable testimonial.