How to Take Your Twitter Marketing Up a Level

According to Twitter, in 2011 Twitter users would create a 10 million page book worth of tweets every single day. You can only imagine what that number is sitting at today.

With so many users logging into Twitter every day and with such great targeting capabilities, it’s no wonder that most brands insist on including this social media platform in their digital marketing strategies.

If you’ve been experiencing good results on Twitter but would like to take things up a notch, below are a few tips that you can implement to do just that.

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Get on board with trends

When you log into Twitter you’ll notice trending topics and hashtags on the left-hand side of your screen. If you really want to get noticed, keep an eye on these as you never know when there’ll be an opportunity for you to get on board with one of them and boost your brand’s reach.

Get strategic about when you post

Using your time strategically will also help get you better results on Twitter. There are a lot of studies about the best time to tweet, but most reports claim that tweeting between 7am and 9am, over lunchtime and after 7pm in the evenings are your best bets. There are also tools such as Tweriod that will analyze your tweets and the tweets of your followers to determine the best time for you to be on Twitter.

Think engagement, not number of followers

Being successful on Twitter is no longer ranked by the number of followers you have. Today’s it’s all about building relationships with your followers. When you create tweets or respond to tweets, it’s important to sound human and genuine. This will help users trust you and when their followers see how engaged your brand is, there’s no reason why they would hesitate to follow you too.

Keep an eye on competitors

The beauty of Twitter is that most profiles are publically accessible, especially brand or company related profiles, making it easy to keep a close eye on competitor activity. It pays to see what’s working for your competitors so that you can not only learn from them but find ways to use these lessons in your own campaigns.

Allocate a bit of budget

Paid social media ads generate incredible results, especially if you’re using the right targeting and you’re promoting tweets that usually perform really well amongst your followers. Twitter has a few ad options to choose from so why not build a creative campaign to see just how far your brand can go.

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Share the love

It’s important to retweet, comment on and like content from your followers too. It shows that you’re interested in what they have to say and that your Twitter account is not all about you. This also helps break up your timeline a bit and gives users a better idea of the type of content they can expect if they follow you.

Don’t forget your objectives

While you don’t want to spam your followers or make them think that you’re just there to push information about your company down their throats, you can’t forget why you signed up for a Twitter profile in the first place. If your objective is to increase sales, find a way to work those types of tweets into your content plan. Twitter users do respond to tweets about specials, new products and a brand’s latest news so don’t be afraid to include product and company related tweets in your weekly content plan.