How to Win at Facebook Live

Facebook Live Tips for Businesses_Monster Clicks

Facebook Live has really grown in popularity and has become a unique way to encourage users to interact with your brand.

Social Media Today reported that Facebook Live videos were 3 times more popular than videos that were no longer live, and that videos in general have 135% more organic reach.

Video alone is a highly effective form of content. Pair this with social media and you have a winning recipe.

Facebook Live ideas

If you’re looking to start using Facebook Live, below are a few ideas that you can use in your own business.

  1. Launch a new product. If you’re about to launch a new product, why not offer a sneak peek or create some hype around the launch by broadcasting live on Facebook?
  2. Host a Q&A session. If you’ve found that your business is currently receiving a lot of questions about certain products or services, host a Q&A session where customers can comment on your video and you answer their questions. You can also choose to go through FAQs that can be prepared ahead of time and customers can comment on those if need be.
  3. Show them what happens behind the scenes. Get your customers more involved with your brand by showing them what goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis.
  4. Show them how. If you can provide your fans and followers with a tutorial that they would find useful or that’s relevant to your products, use Facebook Live to broadcast it for extended reach.
  5. Host an interview. If you have a celeb or local personality that you can interview, use it to draw a crowd and promote your brand at the same time.
  6. Comment on a hot news topic. Use Facebook Live to get behind a trending topic. Give your thoughts on the topic and ask your fans for feedback to create some engagement.

Tips for creating effective Facebook Live videos

Facebook Live videos can be created using the main Facebook app or the Facebook Pages Manager app. You’ll be able to spot the Go Live button when you create a post on the page you want to broadcast from.

Below are a few ways that you can generate the best possible video results.

Spread the word

To ensure that enough people are tuning into your broadcast, you need to spread the word beforehand. Create a few posts that give fans the details of your Facebook Live event and tell them what they can expect. You can also choose to boost these promotional posts to generate extra reach and interest. By boosting these posts you can of course also target your ideal audience.

Ensure your connection is strong

If you want to make sure that there are no interruptions while you broadcast, ensure that you have a strong and stable internet connection. You will find that if you have a weak connection, the Go Live button won’t be clickable either.

A little prep goes a long way

Before you hit the Go Live button, prepare for your broadcast by practicing a week before the event. Know what you want to say and make sure that you’re broadcasting from the right space. There shouldn’t be a lot of background noise or anything distracting or inappropriate in the background.

Create a captivating description

Your description will help draw viewers in so make it count. Give them a short explanation of the video and what they can expect so that they can set that time aside and prepare any questions from their side too.

Get personal

This is a great opportunity for you to engage with your target audience. If you’re going read a comment, use the person’s name. When you respond to comments or questions, do the same, address them by name. This makes the whole experience a lot more personal and engaging.

Don’t make it too short

The longer your broadcast is the more likely people are to tell their friends and connections about it so that they can watch it too. Your broadcast shouldn’t be shorter than 10 to 15 minutes.

Promote your video after the event

Once you’ve completed your live broadcast, your video will be archived. Many brands have seen archived views exceed their live views so you might want to consider boosting the video after your broadcast to extend your reach and grow your fan base.