Terrific Tactics for Generating Leads on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn currently has over 460 million members, a number that is growing daily. The platform is used by thousands of B2B brands as it’s one of the best ways to reach their ideal target audience.

When used correctly, LinkedIn can be a lead goldmine. Below are a few tips that you can use to start benefiting from platform as a B2B brand.

LinkedIn lead generation tips for your business

Spend some time working on your profile or group

Your profile is one of the first things that other LinkedIn members will view before they decide to connect with you. Include as many details as possible in order to make a great first impression. If possible, get creative with your profile by making it pleasant and fun to read. Some business owners even change up the text that would normally be used in the title field to give members a reason to connect with them.

The same goes for your LinkedIn group. If you want members to join your group, give them a reason to. Are you actively participating in discussions? Are you creating posts on a regular basis and providing members with useful information? Ask yourself why users would want to join your group and go from there. Your LinkedIn group is a great selling tool.

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Connect with people

If you want to generate more leads you need to actively connect with people on LinkedIn. This doesn’t mean that you should just connect with anyone and everyone though. Start by connecting with your current clients to start growing your LinkedIn connection numbers.

Next, start searching for people who meet your ideal customer criteria. When you do approach them to connect though, don’t send out a boring generic message that they’ll simply delete, make your message personal and relevant. Once you’ve connected with a potential lead, don’t send them a sales pitch right away either as it won’t work. Instead, start building a relationship with them by asking them questions, sending them links to content they might find interesting or invite them to join your group.

Don’t discount the advanced search feature

Make use of LinkedIn’s advanced search feature if you really want to find the right kind of leads. It will allow you to really narrow down your search as it offers options such as location, industry and company. LinkedIn’s premium members have even more search options available to them.

Take advantage of LinkedIn ads

If you have some marketing budget to spare, why not get the leads to come to you by running an ad campaign on LinkedIn? There are two advertising options for you to take advantage of, one being sponsored content ads that allow you to promote a post using specific audience targeting, and the other being text ads that appear on the left-hand side of a user’s newsfeed and include a call-to-action that will take them to a landing page on your site. You can find out more about LinkedIn advertising here.

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Position yourself as an expert

Investing some time in content creation is one decision you won’t regret. Creating content as a B2B brand is one of the best ways to position yourself as an industry expert. It also gives you something to post in your groups so that users can start engaging, asking questions and providing feedback.

Join relevant groups

Another great way to find more leads is to join groups that your ideal customer would have joined themselves. Spend some time engaging with group members so that they’ll either connect with you themselves or they won’t be surprised when you send them an invite to connect. Joining a group and taking the time to build relationships with members will help you build trust too.

Share in a client’s success

Keep an eye out for posts, articles or news about a client or prospect and share in their success. Spread the word about it to show that you care and are excited about their success. This will help your case when you offer them a relevant product or service that will add to their success later on.

The secret to being successful on LinkedIn is to dedicate a small block of time to it every day. When you’re consistent and you’re providing other users with value, you automatically increase the chances of members wanting to do business with you.