Using Social Proof to Increase Your Sales

Using Social Proof to Increase Conversions_Monster Clicks

Humans hate missing out and when a crowd gathers, they are immediately intrigued and want to find out what’s going on. Curiosity, fear, uncertainty and acceptance are all traits that are ingrained into us as humans and it’s these traits that go hand in hand with social proof.

Social proof explained

Social proof is when consumers conform to the actions of others because they make the assumption that it’s the correct behavior. When we see a large group of people doing something we’ll more than likely want to do it to. This applies to everything from performing a specific action to watching a video or buying a particular product. Social proof is used by marketers to put customers’ minds at ease. It helps them feel better about their decision to engage with a brand or purchase their products or services because other people are doing it too. According to a report by Consumerist, nearly 70% of consumers rely on online reviews before they make a purchase.

Using social proof to boost conversions

Below are just a few of the ways that you can use social proof to increase your sales and show new customers just how much your brand is loved. Customer Testimonials Displaying customer testimonials is a great way to show new customers just how awesome your brand is. Nielsen has found that 92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know. This just shows how far a few good testimonials can go. Ask your customers to tell you why they love your brand so that you can use the best testimonials on your website. There are so many creative ways to display your testimonials but do use customer photos if you can as this adds to the trustworthiness of the statements. Case Studies Case studies are effective because it helps people relate to an issue or need, and shows how your brand’s products or services managed to solve a particular problem. Case studies can be a little longer than testimonials as they generally outline a customer’s experience from start to finish. Ratings and Reviews When you’re shopping online, chances are you’re going to check out a product’s reviews before you make a purchase. Ratings and reviews not only help customers feel better about their purchases but they also provide you with valuable feedback as a business. Use bad reviews or ratings to improve your products or the way you do business. Celebrity Endorsements If you really want to prove your brand’s value, get a celebrity to endorse it. People admire celebrities and public figures so if they’re willing to place their stamp of approval on a particular brand, it automatically gives it a lot more authority. User Generated Content Encouraging user generated content is a great marketing tool. It helps spread the word about your brand and gives new customers an idea of what other people think of your products or services. Being present on platforms such as Instagram or creating a unique hashtag for Twitter are just some of the ways that you can encourage users to generate unique content. Get users to take a photo with one of your products or ask them to use a specific hashtag when mentioning your brand online to get your business noticed. Badges If your brand has any industry certifications or accreditations, display them proudly. It positions your brand as an expert in your field and gives customers even more reason to trust you. In fact, badges and certifications have shown to increase conversion rates by up to 30%. Subscriber or Social Counts Showing how many people subscribe to your newsletter and how many fans you have on your various social media pages is a great way to showcase your brand’s popularity. If you have content on your website, you can also show how many times each post has been shared online. People want to share useful, interesting content with family and friends so this helps position you as an expert and convinces people to engage with your content too. Incorporating social proof into your marketing strategy is a simple, straightforward and effective way to bring in more sales every month.