When Is the Right Time to Monetize Your Blog?

If you’re a blogger that has recently set yourself up online, you might be wondering when and how you can start making some money off of your content. The answer is that it depends.

While creating a blog might seem like an obvious way to bring in some extra money every month, it will require some hard work on your part before you can get it to that point, so focusing on the monetization aspect of it shouldn’t necessarily be your first priority. However, some bloggers feel that you should start as soon as possible.

Before you think monetization

Before you start thinking about approaching sponsors and advertisers, you should spend some time doing the following:

  • Spend some time on your design. Make sure that your blog isn’t cluttered, has quality images and is easy to navigate. While you’re busy, you should also consider how you would like to incorporate ads into the site so that it’s already setup once you start approaching advertisers.
  • Build up your content. Before advertisers will even consider your blog, they need to see some numbers. This means that you need to create quality content on a regular basis in order to increase your website traffic so that you have some impressive stats to present to potential advertisers.
  • Get social. Along with advertising on websites with high volumes of traffic, most advertisers will more than likely want some social media exposure too. Get active on social and build your following as much as you can.

Ready to monetize?

If you feel that your content has a good following and that your traffic numbers are decent enough, below are just some of the ways that you can start monetizing your blog:

Advertising Networks

There are a variety of ad networks that you can sign up to that will place third party advertising on your site based on your blog audience. Ad networks generally work on a pay-per-click basis and work really well for those days or months where you can’t fill your advertising spots with banners from individual paying clients. Examples of popular networks include, Google AdSense, Chitika, Adsterra and Propellar Ads.

Direct Advertising

Selling banner advertising to individual companies or brands that might be interested in talking to your specific target audience is another way to make money as a blogger. You can charge advertisers a fixed rate per day or per week, or you can charge per thousand impressions aka CPM.

Affiliate Advertising

There are a number of companies that offer affiliate advertising programs. Basically you will run their banners on your website in conjunction with a unique URL and if they derive any sales from the campaign, you will receive a certain percentage as compensation. Just be sure to only run affiliate ads that would appeal to your target audience in order to keep driving relevant traffic to your site and keeping your readers happy.

Sell Your Services

If you’re looking to take on some additional freelance or consulting work, your blog is the perfect way to advertise your skills. By posting regular content and focusing on SEO, you shouldn’t have a problem attracting targeted traffic, including some potential clients.

Paid Articles and Reviews

Another way to generate content and bring in an income is to offer articles or reviews for other brands for a fee. Writing the articles or reviews yourself is always a better alternative to accepting articles written by a company as they often turn out to be glorified sales pitches. By writing the content yourself you can make sure that it will be relevant to your audience and that it’s of a good quality.

Bonus Tip: Why not start a newsletter in order to spread your content far and wide? Once you have built up a large enough email database you can even start offering advertising opportunities there too.